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The Chung’s consumer is different than the average shopper for a number of reasons.  We know our customers, like you, are smarter than the average shopper because you read packaging ingredient and because you understand high quality ingredients help make Chung’s the #1 premium Asian brand.  While our customers are value conscious shoppers, we know you want other information from us beyond just coupons.  Introducing the Chung’s VIP Club:

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One taste and you will know Chung’s passion for quality. Not only will you be the first to learn of new discounts:

  • Be the first to learn about new items Chung’s introducesSupermarket checkout worker

  • We will share recipes and other serving suggestions because Chung’s consumers have a passion for high quality items

  • Many times retailers do not offer our full line of products in their stores.  We will alert people to retailers who begin to add Chung’s items to their shelves to make your shopping experience even easier

  • We know our shoppers use their smartphones to aid their shopping experience and you can expect new innovations from Chung’s in this area in the future.


For nearly 30 years, Chung’s has been providing the highest quality Asian appetizers to consumers. Using the freshest ingredients, one bite and the crisp Chung’s flavors will overwhelm your senses. We individually hand roll each egg roll because you’ve told us it is important to provide premium restaurant quality to time crunched consumers like you. Your family deserves it!

Our product lines feature a wide variety of gluten free items, white meat chicken egg rolls, authentic Asian seasonings, and the highest quality vegetables where you will see and taste a difference. Dedicated to uncompromising quality, we continually strive to bring the best in authentic Asian tastes to every home in America!