One taste and you will know Chung’s passion for quality. We know the Chung’s consumer is different because you are smarter than other brand buyers which means we will focus on the following recipe & serving suggestion themes:

  • Flavor Trends will be a key driver in the recipes we share

  • Gourmet because Chung’s consumers expect high quality items

  • Our products are made with natural ingredients so our serving suggestions will continue to feature the best ingredients

  • Convenience is a key for Chung’s consumers because we know how busy you are so we will continue to focus on heat & eat meals in minutes


For nearly 30 years, Chung’s has been providing the highest quality Asian appetizers to consumers. Using the freshest ingredients, one bite and the crisp Chung’s flavors will overwhelm your senses. We individually hand roll each egg roll because you’ve told us it is important to provide premium restaurant quality to time crunched consumers like you. Your family deserves it!

Our product lines feature a wide variety of gluten free items, white meat chicken egg rolls, authentic Asian seasonings, and the highest quality vegetables where you will see and taste a difference. Dedicated to uncompromising quality, we continually strive to bring the best in authentic Asian tastes to every home in America!