Healthy Food

Walking down the frozen appetizer aisle, it is easy to see why more and more consumers are choosing Chung’s as a healthy snack alternative.  Featuring a wide variety of items, Chung’s is delivering the high quality items you’ll be proud to serve to your family, friends, small Man-women-eating or anyone who would like a high quality meal in moments.  We know you have a choice which is why we hand roll every egg roll, use the finest ingredients, and make meat one of the first ingredients for our products. Beyond our egg rolls, spring rolls, and potstickers, Chung’s Gluten Free Entrees are a clear favorite for the health conscious shopper.  We know our customers seek gourmet quality and that is why we use only the best vegetables for our products which delivers quality which can be seen and tasted.  Don’t take our word for it, read our ingredients and compare our products to any other appetizer products and you will see why Chung’s is the #1 brand hands chungs test for premium Asian products.  Check the freezer section at your local retailer and make it a Chung’s night.